Herniabible Pilates Exercises

3. Shoulder Bridge

Shoulder bridge

In the neutral position, keep your toes relaxed and on the floor, with the pillow still between your knees. Breathe in to prepare, then, as you breathe out, sink your spine into the floor and let your pubic bone float upwards, hollowing your tummy and pushing away into your knees. Donít use too much gripping force. Your hip flexors should be lengthened. Now lift your tailbone and gradually bring it up like lifting a bicycle chain from one end. Aim to make a straight line from shoulders to knees. When you get to the top, breathe in but donít over-extend your ribs. As you exhale, peel down from the top of your spine all the way back down, leaving your tailbone to come down into position last.
     Keep the pillow in place while doing this exercise to help your knees stay together, and keep your toes relaxed.