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To operate or not to operate?

Every year 100,000 Britons and more than 500,000 Americans discover they have an inguinal (groin) hernia. Hernias are a problem that, for all the wrong reasons, are frequently not discussed and have caused a lot of men unnecessary suffering. If you've just discovered you have a hernia, welcome to this site, where we hope to share with you our understanding of the most recent and comprehensive medical opinions and treatment options. We also invite you, as well as all those involved in the treatment of hernias, to visit our forum and leave your feedback.


What is 'Watchful Waiting'?

In their March 2006 issue, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, the Journal of the American Medical Association, published an article on Watchful Waiting as the treatment option of choice for inguinal hernias. What the researchers discovered was that if surgery is avoided, over the next five years there are fewer complications and less pain. This is because of the very real risk of post-operative complications. There is a new and growing medical consensus that a hernia should not be operated on until it presents real pain and is bulging badly.


The Hernia Bible System

The Hernia Bible system came about through researches carried out personally by the author of this site (see right-hand panel). It is based on the experience of 15 years of 'Watchful Waiting' rather than surgery. Left untreated a hernia could become enlarged and then cause problems. So the system includes exercises to help control the hernia by correcting posture and strengthening pelvic and abdominal muscles. It also includes simple dietary guidelines to help reduce abdominal pressure. One of the most important developments was finding a patented hernia garment with flat pads designed to support the hernia without pressing into it. This helps to keep the hernia small in size while the rest of the programme is seeking to restore abdominal strength.


How to Use this Site

We invite you first to read the sections on surgery and the summaries of medical articles. More and more doctors are now advising against immediate surgery, and it is always worth getting a second opinion. These sections will help you to make an informed decision. Next, we invite you to read the sections on alternatives. These are our strategies to support Watchful Waiting, and include a list of helpful foods, and a series of Pilates exercises which have helped other hernia sufferers. Finally, our sister website The Support Company, offers a four-week free trial of the special flat-pad patented hernia support.



Always consult a doctor if you have severe or persistent symptoms. If you have a hernia or persistent groin pain you should seek your doctor's permission before embarking on the strategies described in this website, and always remain under your doctor's supervision.



A personal message from the Site Author


The Hernia Bible system came about because of growing doubts about the long-term safety of the surgery being offered for my hernia, and the difficulty of getting encouraging answers to my questions on the subject. By not choosing surgery, I began looking for alternative solutions. At the time, there were none on offer, so I studied what causes a hernia and set about finding a cure. Without suffering a recurrence of my hernia I can now go for long walks, carry heavy luggage, and do manual labour such as gardening, digging and lifting. Iíve lost weight, reduced my blood pressure and enjoy consistent good health. I'd like to invite you to read my story and Roy's story to find out more. These may be the first case histories of men who have chosen this approach.


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