The Flat Pad Hernia Support is ideal for men who

  • Want to prevent their inguinal hernia from deteriorating while they wait for surgery
  • Want to avoid surgery altogether
  • Want to wear their hernia support as discreetly as possible
  • Men who do not want their hernia to curtail their normal activities, job or sports.


Karate, building work, cycling, swimming, climbing, water-skiing, heavy lifting and digging the garden - our customers do it all thanks to our product (see testimonials). We are so confident you will love the Flat Pad Hernia Support that we are offering a four-week trial free of charge. If you don't like it, or if it is the wrong size, just return it within four weeks and we will give you an immediate, no-quibble refund.


The Flat Pad Support is completely free of metal. Unlike some other products it will not set off metal detectors at airports.


This product is suitable only for men with a small to medium, reducible (can be pushed back in) inguinal hernia. It is not suitable for the female anatomy, or for scrotal hernias.


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"It seems incredible to me that there are tens of thousands of surgical repairs carried out on inguinal hernias each year when they can be healed with a 50 GBP (70 dollars) flat pad support. If I had known about them before my operation and if I had known how badly surgery would have affected my life, I would have gladly paid 5,000 GBP for such a product.
I would urge anyone reading this to seriously consider this account of my experience of surgery and to search the internet for more accounts of post operative pain and complications. I can assure you that I am not unique in my experience.
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