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Sexual problems following inguinal hernia repair with mesh

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Joined: 16 Jan 2018
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:44 am    Post subject: Sexual problems following inguinal hernia repair with mesh Reply with quote

I regret that I have to report my experience of negative effects of an inguinal hernia repair with mesh, done on the NHS in 2016. This was the second surgery to fix the hernia. The first keyhole surgery failed so they said a mesh would be the best option.

Soon after the operation I had discomfort and a 'tearing' sensation around the mesh, but assumed this was normal settlement. Then over the months following the operation I noticed that I had lost about 50% of sexual sensation, and found it much harder to maintain erection, and reach orgasm.
This has effectively ruined my enjoyment of sex.

I have spoken to two different consultant urologists, one from the team who did the operation and one from a different NHS hopsital, and both have said that there is no way that the surgical procedure could have caused the symptoms I describe. They said that the pudendal and sacral nerves are too far from the operation site to be affected.

There is no doubt for me that these problems date from the time of the operation and it is hugely frustrating to me that I am facing this problem without some kind of medical backing to support my argument that my problems are caused by the surgery. The first hernia surgery had no effect on sexual sensation and function. The second did.

I am desperately trying to find support to assist in my claim to help pay for treatment for my problem, but at the moment I have no doctor to back up my argument that the surgery could have been the cause. Can anyone offer some helpful advice?

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Joined: 01 Feb 2017
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Location: High Desert, Nevada

PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Osker~ Yes~ they say it is unrelated ~ but ~ you'r right there and experience the direct result```

This happen soon after the operation ~ there was no other great injury or change in you life ~ or trauma to the area ```

Seldom a doctor will be help ~ they would in most cases take the side of a fellow doctor ~ honor among thieves or colleagues ```

I'm guessing ~ you might talk with an Attorney ~ who deals with medical ``` Consultation should/might be free``` Then you can get an idea of your chances ~ they might be very good```
You might find an attorney who will take this on ~ NO WIN ` NO PAY```

I've ~ I believe ~ read here on the net of several cases like this ~ One ~ I'm sure right here on this forum```

Well, hope you check back ~ and find this Post```

Good luck to you ~ we'll talk again~ I hope``` God bless you Osker```

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Joined: 01 Feb 2017
Posts: 130
Location: High Desert, Nevada

PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Greetings Osker~ I just looked ~here on this site and found ~ a similar complaint ```

The lady~ who posted for her husband explains the same results and more```

Hillbilly5 ~ is the name she uses ``` I'm believe there are more ~ right here on this site~ and more on other sites```

I hope you return and see this post```

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Joined: 01 Feb 2017
Posts: 130
Location: High Desert, Nevada

PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here is the post I mentioned:


Joined: 23 Jan 2012
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Location: East Anglia

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:36 am Post subject: Terrible side effects after hernia op 10 weeks ago Reply with quote
My husband had an inguinal hernia repaired 10 weeks ago. This was an open repair with mesh. When he saw doctors before the operation we were 'sold' the procedure as being merely a 'routine' operation with the only side effect being a possible recurrence and this was very unusual, and that after the operation he would only need about 2 weeks off work and apart from not being able to lift heavy weights would be back to normal.

On the day of the surgery, he was admitted to the day case unit and saw the surgeon who said that had he seen my husband in clinic he would have said that the op needed to be done under general anaesthetic. He then said that he had no anaesthetist there who could do a general anaesthetic so he could either go away and be called back within the next 28 days or have a local anaesthetic. Having arranged work so that he could have the next 2 weeks off and having psyched himself up for the op he went ahead with the local anaesthetic. The surgeon at no time explained why he would only have advised a general anaesthetic.

Basically, what should have been a 'routine' op has left him feeling that his life has completely changed. He is only 42 years old and is worried that life will never be the same again. These are the symtoms that he has been experiencing ever since he had the operation:

Urinary symptoms

Unable to stop flow of urine
Unable to increase flow of urine
Sensation of needing to urinate but unable to.
Weak flow of urine.
He feels that he has no muscular control over the urinary process.

Bowel symptoms

Lack of control over bowel movements.
Urgency when feel the need to go.
Loose bowel movements - on one occasion he soiled himself because the stool was so loose and because of urgency/lack of control which was extremely distressing.
Tickling sensation inside back passage approx 1" - initially felt like an annoying tickling hair but has now worsened and feels lilke red, hot poker is inside.
Always in pain - inside and outside anus and gets worse as day goes on.
Sore ridge outside anus which is in constant pain and worsens to intense paid after bowel movement.

Sexual Symptoms

Great difficulty getting aroused and erect
Great difficulty maintaining erection
Once erect (if he achieves it) penis is much less rigid than before operation.
Greatly reduced sensation
Great difficulty reaching orgasm and more often than not can't achieve orgasm
If orgasm is reached, ejaculation is very weak and there is virtually no semen.
Unable to get a spontaneous erection (no longer wakes in the morning or during the night with an erection.

As you can imagine he is so distressed by these problems as they are embarassing and affect how he feels as a man. Before the op we had a very satisfying love life and he is devastated that at such a young age this could be what he has to put up with for the rest of his life. I keep trying to reassure him and am very sensitive to him as I understand how hard this is for him and us.

He has had blood tests which have ruled out any other underlying health issues. Before the operation he had good health with no issues. Our biggest fear is that there has been nerve damage and that he will not recover from any of the above.

We have an appointment to see his GP today and desperately hope that he will be speedily referred to hospital.

Has anyone had similar experience or would take an eduated guess that it sounds like nerve damage?

Since the op we have done alot of research and had we known then what we know now about the possible complications etc he would never have had the op - he said that he could have put up with the minimal discomfort that he experienced with the hernia, but what he is going through now has devastated him.

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