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New hernia surgery: adds muscle where it's lacking

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PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 2:43 pm    Post subject: New hernia surgery: adds muscle where it's lacking Reply with quote

Well, that was educational! Smile

The upshot of the report is that all hernias this guy operated on showed a lack of muscle covering the inguinal canal. That's my interpretation of his anatomy-speak. I don't recall if he implied that normally there IS muscle in this location.

Anyway, if this is the case, I'm wondering what is the benefit of our work to strengthen that region or to reduce outward pressure on guts from the inside. Oh well, read on, as you like...

[The following is a repost from the Bible Feedback section, but it seems more suitable for its own thread in this section, if it matters.]

I looked up the med-terms mentioned by LifeChange and found this exacting description of the reasons for mesh repair recurrence, etc.

I've been learning even more about doctoring since getting a hernia than I did when doing pre-med study (before deciding not to try to be a doctor).

OK, I read most of the link about the new procedure and its justification. I understood more than half, I'd say. The upshot seems to be that the reason why folks get hernia isn't well understood. And that this guy has made an interesting new dynamic analysis using local anesthetic on 200 of his patients and followup on some of them. He found that the muscles of folks who get hernias are acting lamely near the canal. He suggests that meshes/patches that don't address the muscle make-up aspect of that region are doomed to repeat. Well, his stats showed very few relapsed but still there has been a functional weakness not addressed. His fix addresses it. It sounds like he strengthens and activates the muscle that guards the opening of the canal. He does this by suturing it to a new anchor. He says the canal is weak because the muscle guarding it is weak in people who get hernias. He doesn't give data that I saw about what healthy people look like inside -- is there data on this? Anyway, it seems to make sense.

So here's what jumps to my mind: if we strengthen our abs everywhere it still seems like they'll be weak in the location of the canal opening. In hernia people there simply are no muscles there. So wouldn't the effect of strengthening muscle everywhere but in this weak spot be to INCREASE the pressure on the weak spot? Nowhere else is giving/flexing with the stress. It's like if you have a balloon that's thin all over it expands gently, but if the membrane is thick'n'stiff everywhere but in one place then that one place is going to BULGE extremely. ? Yikes!

This report also gives complex drawings of how the muscles work over the canal opening. I couldn't really picture all of it.

Oh well -- I hope that with strengthening maybe we can ENLARGE the existing muscles to cover over that weak spot. I did understand that there are perhaps 3 or 4 overlapping ways the abs protect the canal or at least come close to it.

Also, maybe it's good to somehow strengthen the connective tissue of the guts (maybe by changing diet and supplements).
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