The Flat Pad Hernia Support has several unique design features


Specially designed support pads

Some hernia belts, trusses or supports have rounded pads or springs which press into the hernia itself. This can increase the risk of enlarging the hernia. Our design instead uses unique flat pads which support the hernia but never dig into it. The pads overlap ensuring that they lie firmly against the lower abdomen, no matter what the position of the body, allowing the hernia to come together. Being flat, the pads cannot intrude into the hernia to cause discomfort. With use, wearers report that it becomes even more effective and comfortable. The holding garment encourages improved posture of the abdomen and lower back.



It took several years to perfect our design. Unlike many designs, there is nothing to dig into the hernia to cause more discomfort and worsen the situation. It is designed by people who have had hernias for people with hernias. Our best and most encouraging recommendation has been our high level of repeat orders - many from people whose work is physically active and have found that the Flat Pad support suits them best. Here is just one of the many unsolicited testimonials we have received:

"To say 'thank you' for marketing such a superby designed support as this seems totally inadequate. It is without doubt the finest appliance on the market today. I have spent a small fortune in the past few years on different types of supports, only to find that for one reason or another they were unsuitable. I only wish I had known about your product sooner. Your claim that it will hold the hernia in, regardless of the position of the body, is entirely justified. I have given it every test I can, from digging the garden to riding a bicycle (pursuits which I had to give up for some time) and it has proved to be utterly reliable."



The support cannot be seen under clothing.



The Flat Pad Hernia Support is completely free of metal. Unlike some products it will not set off metal detectors at airports.



To provide the correct tension, the elastic of our Flat Pad Hernia Supports is custom-made in our factory in Nottingham, England. The garments are then individually stitched by experienced surgical seamsters.


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