My hernia story is a dead-set miracle. I got a right-side inguinal hernia in March 2008, shortly after trying to bench 100kg for the 1st time in 15 years. At the time I was suffering from the grief of a marriage breakup, and getting a hernia, which meant quitting my job and my gym workouts, was quite a blow for me. But the silver lining was it gave me a lot of spare time in which I studied to prepare for a career change and now Iím working as a literature evangelist for my church. Itís a great job Ė much more rewarding than the mowing and slashing I used to do. And Iím also over the grief from the breakup so itís all good.







How My Hernia Was Cured Without Surgery


When I first got my hernia it would pop out 10 times a day and Iíd have to lie on my back on my bed or on the floor sometimes and gently massage it back into the inguinal canal. When I bought a truss Ė two of them actually Ė from the Support Company website, and started wearing them it was a lot more manageable. Iíd wear them most of the day and take them off to sleep in. The hernia stopped popping out for a month or so, so I tried doing some light exercises Ė pushups etc Ė without a truss on, but again it popped out.


I was booked in for surgery in September 2008. I went to three different doctors and they all assured me there was no alternative, I would have to have the operation. But I just kept wearing the truss and praying. I also drank equisituum tea and took vitamin C each day to strengthen my connective tissue and did a few exercises to strengthen the transverse ab muscles. Lo and behold a month or so before I was due to have the operation I started going without the truss. After a month the hernia had not reappeared. I went to the hospital for an ultrasound scan and they found it had greatly improved and there was just a small amount of distending of the deep end of the inguinal canal, even when I strained as hard as I could. Itís now been over seven months since I stopped wearing the truss and thereís been no sign of the hernia coming back. By the way I cancelled the operation.


When people ask me how I was able to heal my hernia I tell them about the truss and the tea and vitamin C etc. But I donít really believe you can cure a hernia with just those measures. I believe all healing ultimately comes from God and thatís what happened here. I was praying to God several times every day and once I switched direction in my life and started serious preparation for devoting my life to working for Him He was happy to answer my prayers. And He also took care of my depression and grief while He was at it. So my advice to anyone who has hernia problems, or any major problems in their life, would be to get involved in daily devotional practice, in prayer and reading the Bible with serious intent, and align the direction of your life with the purpose God has for you. This way Heíll be inclined to answer your prayers.


These days Iím back at the gym doing cardio and weights workouts five days a week, and I walk several kilometres a day up and down fairly steep hills carrying a bag full of books (it feels about 20 kg in weight) and no sign of the hernia.


Click here to find out more about the type of support that Anthony used. We at very much hope that one day this site will be full of successful stories of a similar nature. Keep us posted!



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